Pet Guide

2019-03-28 11:25:00

Pets are the most important companion for each player. Each player can get a pet for free when pet function is unlocked. There are many other ways to get more pets. Pet’s fragments can be obtained through the pet academy, the pet tower, public bosses, personal BOSS, store, Treasure of Gods, tarot, VIP pack, 1st purchase pack, events, and many other ways.


Pets are different in many ways. They have five qualities, marked with the colors, from lowest to highest: green, blue, purple, orange, and red. The higher the quality of the pet, the higher the growth potential. At the same time, the higher the level of the pet, the stronger the attribute and power. The level of the pets is determined by the slot of the pet. When the character gains experience, the pets slot will gain experience in a certain proportion. When the experience value is full, the pet slot will be upgraded. The pet in the slot will get the level corresponding to the slot, but the level of the pet slot cannot exceed the level of the character.



Pets in Rage Realm have a "Merge" ability. The player´s character will inherit a portion of the ATK from the pet. In addition, a portion of DEF and HP of the pet will form a shield. When attacked by monsters or another player, the player’s character will only loss HP after the shield is depleted. When you don't need to “Merge” with the pet anymore, click on the pet icon Syn mode to remove this ability. It should be considered that the pet may die after a series of attack by either monsters or other players. If this happens, it takes a while for the pets to resurrect. When the pet is dead, it will not be able to merge or move alongside the player.